Electromyography (EMG)

Specialized neurological testing

Specialized Diagnostic Care

At Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital–Needham, our providers offer electromyography (EMG) testing. These services help diagnose conditions that affect your muscles and certain nerves.

Diagnosing Your Health Needs

An EMG involves two parts:

  • Nerve conduction study. This part of the exam tests how well, and how fast, your nerves send information to the rest of your body. During this part of the test, a provider will attach small electrodes to various parts of your body. These electrodes send brief electrical pulses to test how your nerves respond.
  • Muscle exam. During this part of the exam, a provider will insert a thin needle electrode into your muscles. This electrode measures electrical activity in your muscles to see how they are working.

Both parts of the test are safe and performed by experts. However, you may experience mild discomfort.

Complete an EMG Testing Form

To help you understand these procedures, please download and read the appropriate PDF form below. Print, sign and bring the form to your appointment.

Expert Analysis

After your EMG, your doctor will review your results and record them in your medical record. That way, your results can be shared with your primary care provider.

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Services & Specialties

Our neurologists are dedicated to delivering quality care. To support your health, they work with the following specialties:

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