Pain Management

Personalized care to ease your discomfort

Pain Management at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital–Needham

Pain can impact your regular activities and everyday life. Your appetite, mental health and sleep all can be affected by pain.

Whether your discomfort is from a new injury or an ongoing condition, we help you take charge of your pain. Pain management doctors at BID Needham will get you back to doing the things that matter most to you. And we help make sure you are more comfortable when doing them.

Expert Care, Close to Home

Our pain clinic is proud to offer state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic options in a timely manner. Our multidisciplinary staff has many years of experience in successfully treating people with conditions that cause pain. Our treatment options are safe and reliable. That means you can count on us for high-quality care.

All of our pain medicine physicians are also Harvard Medical faculty members, so you can rest assured you’ll receive world-class care. We are proud to offer you pain management in a comfortable setting that’s close to where you live or work.

Types of Pain We Treat

Our specialists provide advanced pain management for these and many other conditions:

  • Arthritis-related pain
  • Back pain, including spine pain and lower back pain
  • Cancer-related pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Gout pain
  • Headaches
  • Hip, leg and knee pain
  • Joint pain
  • Migraine
  • Neck pain
  • Nerve pain, including neuropathy
  • Sacroiliac (SI) joint pain
  • Sports injuries

    A doctor’s referral is required for our services.

    What to Expect

    During your initial visit with us, our team will share details about the services offered at our clinic. You’ll have an evaluation, after which your doctor will walk you through the treatment options we offer and your personalized treatment plan.

    If you’d like to explore other treatments — such as physical therapy — your pain doctor can connect you with the appropriate BID Needham specialists.

    You can expect to follow up with your pain doctor over time. Most people return to our clinic in about three months for a follow-up visit. You can reach our staff using our Patient Portal with any questions you may have during your treatment journey.

    Our Patient Portal

    During your first visit with us, you’ll also get information on using our Patient Portal. This is a great way for you to quickly contact our staff and receive a timely response for your questions or concerns. We encourage you to register for our portal so you can take advantage of this convenience.

    Comprehensive Pain Management

    Our pain management team works with other specialists to ensure you get all the care you need. We help coordinate this care to get you back to living your best life as soon as possible.

    Pain Treatments We Offer

    Our providers offer the latest in proven treatment options for pain, such as:
    • Medications
    • Pain injections
    • Physical therapy (PT)