Breast Screening & Diagnosis

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Breast Screening & Diagnosis at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital–Needham 

Whether you’re undergoing routine, preventive testing or need testing to investigate a finding from previous imaging, the screening and diagnostic experts at the BreastCare Center are here for you. We offer world-class breast health services in an easy-to-access community setting — and we’ve designed our center with your comfort and safety in mind.

We offer the latest imaging technology, including 3D mammogram, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). You can rest assured that you have access to the latest technology and specialty-trained breast care experts.

After your tests, you can access your results through our Patient Portal. Your doctor will also review your results with you and explain what they mean for the next steps of your treatment plan.

Download the Patient Questionnaire 

Before your appointment, take a moment to download and complete our BreastCare Center Patient Questionnaire.

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Our Screening and Diagnostic Services

Our breast imaging specialists provide you with trusted breast health expertise, accuracy and the most up-to-date information.

Ask your doctor if you need to fill out our contrast screening questionnaire prior to undergoing imaging.  


Breast cancer is much more treatable when detected in its early stages. Mammograms — a set of breast images taken with low dose X-rays — are effective routine screening tests that can find breast cancer early.

Breast Ultrasound

Our highly trained medical staff provide the latest in ultrasound technology in a comfortable environment. We also perform breast ultrasounds to provide guidance for biopsies and other interventions. Our breast ultrasound staff are all registered with specific training in breast ultrasound.

Our breast imaging department is accredited with the American College of Radiology. This means that we are committed to upholding the latest quality standards and following the latest best practices in our field.

Breast MRI

Our highly trained breast health specialists perform breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) using the most advanced equipment in the comfortable setting of our BreastCare Center. We use breast MRI as a screening tool in high-risk patients, and also as a diagnostic tool to gather information about patients with a specific breast problem.

When needed, we offer breast MRI with contrast, a special type of dye that helps radiologists see inside your body in greater detail.

Breast Biopsy

If your care team detects a breast lump or breast abnormality, your doctor may want you to have a breast biopsy. A biopsy is the only way to achieve an accurate diagnosis of a breast problem. A percutaneous (through the skin) biopsy uses a needle to remove cells (fine needle aspiration) or pieces of tissue (core biopsy). 

Stereotactic Core Biopsy

During a stereotactic breast biopsy, a technologist removes suspicious tissue from the breast for further examination. The technologist uses both a computer and mammogram in this type of biopsy to locate the area of concern in the breast.

A stereotactic core breast biopsy is a safe and accurate alternative to a surgical biopsy. This procedure takes between 30-60 minutes and is performed in the comfort of our BreastCare Center. One of our breast imaging radiologists performs this procedure with the assistance of a radiology technologist and the program nurse navigator.

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Services & Specialties

Your BID Needham breast health team coordinates your care with other specialty providers across our hospital. This helps to ensure you receive comprehensive, streamlined care.

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