When You Leave the Hospital

Helping you safely leave the hospital

Your Discharge from the Hospital

At Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital–Needham, we strive to give you a comprehensive, safe discharge plan. We collaborate with you and your family to ensure a smooth transition from hospital to home.

Preparing to Go Home

Your doctor determines when you are ready to leave the hospital and what type of follow-up medical care you may need. Your care team monitors your progress throughout your hospital stay. A nursing technician will assist your nurse with your care.

At the time of discharge, your physician will arrange follow-up visits, prescriptions and instructions for post-hospital care. Your nurse will review discharge information with you and your family members. Feel free to ask questions about any aspect of your post-discharge care.

Assessing Your Needs

If you need post-hospital care, your case manager will meet with you to evaluate your needs and create an ongoing care plan for you.

Your follow-up care may include outpatient rehabilitative therapies to help you recover from an illness, injury or surgery or to better manage a chronic condition.

Here are some questions to discuss with your case manager:

  • Do I need a primary care physician?
  • When should I make the necessary follow-up appointments and with which of my physicians?
  • How will I get home?
  • What number can I call if I have problems when I get home?
  • What new medications do I need?
  • What diet should I follow at home?
  • Will I need ongoing care at home after discharge?
  • Will I need any medical equipment and if so, who will arrange for this? What is the name of the provider of the equipment?
  • What activities am I allowed to do and what sorts of activity should I not do? Where can I get help with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, cooking shopping, housework and transportation?
  • What support groups or community services are available to me?
  • What are my insurance benefits for the services I need?  

Planning for Home Health Care

If you need ongoing health care after your hospital stay, your care team arranges for the services, such as:

  • Home health nurses and aides
  • Home medical equipment (commodes, hospital beds, oxygen, walkers, wheelchairs)
  • Referral to a home health care agency

Agency Referrals

We can refer to a range of agencies, many of which are accredited by The Joint Commission. We choose the best agency for you based on these and other factors:

  • Expertise of a particular agency for your individual needs
  • Location of your residence
  • Your existing relationship with an agency
  • Your health care insurance provider
Home Health Care & Hospice Providers

At BID Needham, we work with the following agencies and providers:

Home Medical Equipment Companies

We refer to these medical equipment providers:

Home Infusions Companies

We work with these infusion companies:

Call Case Management

Patient & Family Information Handbook

Recognize a Staff Member

If you received exceptional care, please let us know. We appreciate hearing about our patients’ experiences. You can honor your doctor, nurse or other care team members in a few ways: