Critical Care

Also known as Intensive Care

Round-the-clock care for critically ill patients

Critical Care at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital–Needham

Some patients at BID Needham may need a higher level of care during a hospital stay. The experts in our Beth Israel Deaconess Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine provide the compassionate care you need when you are critically ill. If you or a loved one have major surgery or a worsening medical condition, we offer round-the-clock critical care in our intensive care unit (ICU).

What is Critical Care?

Critical care is specialized care for hospitalized patients who have serious health problems. Critical care is also called intensive care. You may need critical care after an emergency, if you’ve had major surgery, experienced trauma, or if your medical condition has worsened during your hospital stay.

BID Needham has a seven-bed ICU. Our specialized setting is dedicated to patients who need this advanced level of care.

What Critical Care Services Do We Provide?

Our multidisciplinary critical care team works together to provide the comprehensive care you need within the closed ICU setting. Our team includes doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and nurses who offer these services:

  • Anesthesiology: Pain management and sedation during major surgery.
  • Internal medicine: Diagnosis and treatment for any new conditions that develop while you’re in the ICU.
  • Pulmonary care: Proper support if you have breathing issues or need ventilator support.
How Can You Communicate With the ICU Care Team?

At the BID Needham ICU, our goal is to deliver the highest quality, most compassionate care for a swift recovery. We believe that family and friends are a valuable part of the process. To keep everyone informed with minimum disruption, we suggest you:

  • Designate a spokesperson. Choose one family member who will talk with the ICU team and relay updates to other family members and friends. Give their name and contact information to the ICU staff. This is the person the staff will contact if the patient’s condition changes.
  • Follow visitation policies.
  • Take care of yourself. Having a family member in the hospital can be stressful. You may want to spend every hour at their bedside. Don’t neglect yourself. We encourage you to take frequent breaks and spend time at home to care for your own needs.

Meet the Critical Care Team

Get to know the specialists who are involved in critical care treatment.

Information for Patients and Families

At the BID Needham ICU we strive to deliver the highest standards of care to our patients. We welcome visitation of friends and family members to facilitate the healing process. To make your visit easier, find useful information below.

Communicating with the Staff

We recommend one person be designated as the spokesperson. The family spokesperson will receive and relay patient updates to other family members, friends, and neighbors. Please leave that person's name and contact information with the ICU team. The ICU staff will contact the spokesperson about any serious change in your loved one's condition.

Taking Care of Yourself

We understand this is a stressful time for you, so we highly encourage you and other family members to spend some time at home. Family members need frequent breaks to alleviate stress. It is important to take care of your own needs as well. Please provide staff with your contact information so we may contact you if needed.

Contact Us

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ICU Nursing Station: 781-453-5283

Services & Specialties

The BID Needham critical care team includes experts from multiple specialties to ensure our patients get the care you need.